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Zhang, H., Liu, A. Y., Loriaux, P., Wollscheid, B., Zhou, Y., Watts, J. D., and Aebersold, R.   Mol Cell Proteomics 2006 Oct 9
Mass spectrometric detection of tissue proteins in plasma

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Identification of glycoproteins in human cerebrospinal fluid with a complementary proteomic approach.

Hui Zhang , Paul Loriaux , Jimmy Eng , David Campbell , Andrew Keller , Pat Moss , Richard Bonneau , Ning Zhang , Yong Zhou , Bernd Wollscheid , Kelly Cooke , Eugene C Yi , Hookeun Lee , Elaine R Peskind , Jing Zhang , Richard D Smith and Ruedi Aebersold.   Genome Biology 2006 7:R73
UniPep, a database for human N-linked glycosites: A Resource for Biomarker Discovery

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Identification and quantification of N-linked glycoproteins using hydrazide chemistry, stable isotope labeling and mass spectrometry.

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